Robo Campaign Manager
I Can Plan Marketing Campaigns
Execute and Measure Marketing Campaign Performance
robo risk advisor
I Can Predict Credit Risk, Help You Comply with Regulations
Prescribe Different Treatment Plans for Different Group of Customers
ROBO Strategist
I Can Help Build a Robust Strategy
A Data Base of Proven, Industry Best Practices and Subject Matter Expertise Inputs
Artificial Intelligence combined with Human Intelligence to explore infinite possibilities.

Our Story


  • Embarking on this exciting journey of research and developing innovative and cognitive smart solutions.
  • Our team of data scientists with Masters and PhD certified in varied fields like Psychology of Human Decision Making to Deep Learning provide a broad base of skill-sets and domain knowledge.
  • CRL’s mission is to research and innovate AI & Robotic solutions, and partner with other firms to license these solutions to end customers.
  • CRL’s mission is to research and innovate AI & Robotic solutions, and partner.

Our Products

Advanced Analytical Products


A highly scalable, fault-tolerant and proven solution to address CECL requirements, built specifically to manage CECL complexity in a high performance analytics environment. It is a centralized and flexible solution to meet dynamic challenges of new accounting standards along with high customization and advanced financial reporting capabilities.


An integrated solution that collaborates IT and Risk functions to bring greater consistency and control over data. It strengthens your ability to accurately assess and manage risk in line with BCBS239 standards. Provides enhanced features for risk reporting Practices and risk data aggregation.


Manages data and controls demand by assisting in drawing the strategic data system goals. It creates data roadmaps which will help in determining data policies and provides implementation between departments and lines of businesses. Data Maturity Assessment templates are customizable templates which gathers data to drive analytic solutions across multiple departments of an organization.

ROBO Avatars Products

Robo Risk Advisor

Robo Risk Advisor helps to understand the risk associated with Lending and comply with BCBS239 Standards.

Robo Strategist

Robo Strategist identifies demand in the organization and strategies the Roadmap to meet the demands and track the progress by creating initiatives and milestones.

Robo Campaign Manager

Robo Campaign Manager proposes marketing strategy & run the marketing campaigns.It can qualify the leads.