BCBSBot is an integrated solution that collaborates IT and Risk functions to bring greater consistency and control over data. It strengthens your ability to accurately assess and manage risk in line with BCBS239 challenges.

BCBSBot provides a holistic enterprise wide understanding of Risk data Aggregation and Reporting.

BCBSBot Key Benefits

Assessment Bot

Provides pre-delivered industry best practice BCBS principles assessment templates from which to choose and enhance to fit enterprise needs, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

Efficient Ratings

Automated workflow and rating process, standard and aligned with BCBS principles ratings process.

Performance Measure

Provides comparative analysis report, to measure yearly performance of BCBS principle maturity within the organization. This application also helps decision makers, with guiding principles what is needed to improve the performance of under rated principles.

Why BCBSbot?

Financial institutions are having their own struggles to accurately assess and manage risk. People, processes and technology should ideally work in a synchronized manner supporting each other producing accurate results. BCBSBot provides pre-delivered industry best practice as well as it helps to identify and manage bank-wide risks. This tool is a unique and helpful application designed and developed to support Basel Committee on banking supervision principles assessment for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting.

How BCBSBot was built?

Our team of financial risk analysts, data scientists, decision scientists are working together for over 2.5 years studying market, understanding FASB requirements, identifying gaps in existing solutions and bridging those gaps.

In 2007 financial crisis taught a few fundamentals lessons to all the financial institutions that information technology and data were not able to support the management of financial risks. Banks were incapable of getting risk exposure aggregation data quickly at group or across business lines. Due to this The Basel Committee issued BCBS239. To overcome BCBS239 challenges BCBSBot was built. The core objective of it was to improve risk data aggregation capabilities and internal risk reporting practices.

How Can BCBSBot helps?

BCBSBot can help to support BCBS239 initiatives by delivering the competitive edge. It enhances capabilities to assess accurate data and improve risk practices as per BCBS239 to gain competitive advantages like cost reductions, improving cross-sell, risk management and client profitability. Being BCBS239 compliant has its own challenges, however, BCBSBot strengthens the capabilities with its Automated Assessment templates, automated workflows and rating processall aligned with BCBS principles. Be in control by keeping track of the yearly BCBS principles with BCBSBot.